Hair and Lip tips for look below:

When doing bold lips:
Do not pair them with bold eyes.
Pair bold lips with easy and simple eyes give definition but only really close to the lashes using a bronzer and brown palette

Mascara on the bottom lashes:
Only put mascara on the root of the bottom lashes

Doing a pencil line on your lips:
Please stay in the lines follow the line of your lips

Apply one coat of lipstick Take a tissue and blot your lips once, then apply your lipstick color again…also using a small soft make up brush to contour your lips with your regular conciliar that way the lips will not run it of your lip line

How to get beautiful soft and wavy hair:

Take small sections of your hair and wrap around a medium curl iron for only few seconds and spray with hairspray … holding the end of your hair that will help you wrap the hair, but also have the ends be straight as you do not want them to curl up for this look. Roll up your hair with your fingers and pin repeat this process throughout your entire head.

Let pins stay for 5-10 minutes

Then flip your head over and brush out curls.

Add clips in mid section and lower part in your hair to create the long wave.


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