Customize Your Own “Love” Message with Handmade Charm Necklaces

Valentine’s Day it’s a holiday where we don’t need to spend a lot of money or time for gifts for the kids but it is time to create something meaningful and thoughtful. You can have fun with these charm necklaces to either create a “Love” message or reminder for your kids. Here I chose the Buddha head for my son as a reminder for him to always stay clam, breathe, and practice kindness. For my daughter, I used a mermaid as she still thinks that I am a mermaid. Therefore, she can carry me with her wherever she goes. We all know that kids lose their accessories all the time so the below are under $5.00 and if it ever becomes a big deal of a lost one, you can just make another one.

Round Leather Cording (Purchased from Michaels)
Charms from Charm Gallery (Purchased from Michaels)
Add a charm to the cording and make a simple knot. Repeat using the desired amount of charms.

Love Notes for Valentine’s Week

I found this at Michaels on sale for under $15.00. I thought it would be a great idea during Valentine’s Week to put on the wall by the door where you can place your car keys in the jar and you and your kids can write notes about the things you love about each other before you go to bed. So every morning on the way out to school and on your way to work you will both take those notes and read them before you greet the outside world. This could become a simple Valentine’s tradition.

Hanging Heart Garland

This was in sale at Michaels for under $10.00 and I am doing this one for my daughter because she misses her favorite pets. I printed photographs and cut them into heart shapes and attached them to wire of the garland.

Magnetic Photo Paper

A few months ago, I was gifted a collage of magnetic photos from my wedding. I thought it was an adorable idea, but when I checked on different sites to order more, the prices were higher than I expected. So here I found the magnetic paper at Michaels and you can make your own collage at home.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!! Here is a recipe by your request for an easy one dish meal for two. Plus some great finds for kids crafts.

Photos by: Lorianne DeVita

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    Thanks for the corded necklace tip very cool. Very affordable and simple! I just subscribed today and I am really impressed with your site! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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