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5 Things That No One Thinks About (But Should) When They First Become Pregnant

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Today we are going to talk about few things pregnancy!!!! This is one great example of our Women Of Today community coming together: One of our dear community friends introduced us to Doula Trainings International (DTI) Co-Founder and Creative Director Gina Giordano. Once we spoke with Gina and learned more about what DTI does, we thought it would be great to have her share some of her knowledge back with you! Plus, Gina is working hard on growing her business and this is a great way to support each other and provide some awareness between us entrepreneurs.

Gina  is a wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to everything pregnancy and birth related …  She is here to talk to you about some of important things to keep in mind when you are expecting for the first time (that most people tend to forget!).


We hope you enjoy!
Women of Today

  1. You don’t have to have your OBGYN delivery your baby.

Consider that your trusted OBGYN who you see for paps may not be the person you end up wanting at your birth. This comes as a big surprise for lots of women. Often, the personality and philosophy of your OBGYN may be perfect for those paps, but for birth — not so much. Take some time to think about what kind of birth you are wanting, and ask lots of questions to see if they fit with your birth preferences. Or better yet, see how they do answering questions about birth in general at your appointments. If you get the side eye or feel rushed through those questions that’s a big clue that the relationship may no longer be working. Trust us, you will have tons of questions as your pregnancy progresses and you’ll want someone who can have a conversation about options. Plus, midwives and some family practice doctors are an option, so checking out the different models of care available to you during your pregnancy deserves consideration.


  1. You are the consumer!

As the person who is giving birth, you are the consumer! You are the one who can call the shots. You can choose which doctor or midwife to hire. If you aren’t jiving with a nurse during your labor, you can ask for a new one. If you aren’t okay with being induced when your care provider is suggesting, you can say no. Don’t be afraid to say what you want and ask questions. We often hear from clients; “…I’m not allowed..”, “they said I have to…”. Remember you can ask them why, and you can say what you want.


  1. Know what a DOULA is.

A new word, most likely. We know. The word doula is a term used to describe a professional who works alongside parents during the transition to parenthood. Doula’s support you during pregnancy, birth and in the first few months with your baby by answering your questions, pointing you to needed resources AND will be there with you when you give birth. The myth that a doula is someone you hire ONLY IF you want an un-medicated (i.e. no pain meds) birth is just that, A MYTH. In fact, we highly encourage people to have doulas if they are choosing a hospital birth and/or a medical birth. People can have a vaginal, drug free birth in a hospital. Doulas know birth, deeply. They know the standards of care and what to expect.

  1. Become one with your pelvic floor

Form a relationship with your pelvic floor. It isn’t JUST about Kegals. Understanding the ins and outs (pun intended) of your pelvic floor will support you during pregnancy, help you during birth and also aid in the best recovery possible. Befriend a pelvic floor specialist or physical therapist that focuses on pelvic floor health.


  1. What chills you out?

Figure out what lowers your stress levels in pre-pregnancy life and make it a habit. We know that stress does not support a healthy pregnancy. So anything you can do to lower your stress a bit is a plus. Massage? Meditation? Long walks? A nap? Whatever chills you out on the reg, should now be scheduled in.


  1. Be mindful about what you’re eating.

Start eating those greens! We know, we know, kale will not solve the world’s problems.  But it does solve the lack of folic acid while pregnant. The more greens you eat the better. Start working these into your diet every day from early on, and it will serve you (and baby) well.


ABOUT US: Doula Trainings International (DTI) is a certifying organization that trains and certifies birth professionals unified in reproductive health and justice for all bodies.

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