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40 Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Quarantine

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Because a big New Year's Eve party isn't exactly pandemic friendly...

Ringing in 2021 is going to look a little different for most of us. Without big blow-out parties and gatherings with friends, you may be left wondering what to do at home. Well, we came across a great list from Becoming Family and got inspired to share with you all 40 ideas that still making ringing in the new year special. Because let’s be honest, aren’t we all happy to see 2020 go?! And that should be celebrated.

Spread some love: Have gifts of pizza or other party foods delivered to those people that would normally come to your party.

Play online video games with friends and host a tournament.

Attend a live stream concert.

Get all of your neighbors to come outside at a certain time to sing or socially distance dance.

Have a family pamper party. Take turns with massages, pedicures, manicures, etc.

If you’re somewhere warm, have an outdoor movie night with a projector.

A good one for the kids: Set up a scavenger hunt in your house with New Year’s Eve clues and small prizes.

Do karaoke! It’s even more fun if you live stream it.

Host a virtual baking session, where everyone follows along baking the same thing at the same time.

Another fun one for kids: Have a balloon countdown. Put a slip of paper with a different activity inside 12 balloons, carefully draw the time on the outside of the balloon and have your kids pop them to reveal the activity of the hour.

Set up a photo booth in your living room, with a variety of backgrounds, costumes and props.

Set your goals for the new year! In addition to setting goals, commit to ways you can encourage each other in your goals.

Play The Floor is Lava, where you can only walk on furniture and if any part of your body touches the floor, you are out!

Learn some simple magic tricks on YouTube — Or anything on YouTube for that matter. Pick a topic and tackle trying something new!

Play Guess What’s in the Bag. Place any item from around your house into a bag and make your family members take turns guessing what it is just by touching it.

Play Guess the Food. This not for the faint of heart! Have your family members close their eyes and take turns guessing what a certain food is, by taste alone.

Play hide and seek around your house. You could even make it harder by turning out the lights and using flashlights.

Make (or buy) a pinata to crack open at midnight.

Set an alarm clock to go off at a certain time, then hide it someplace in the house. Challenge your kids to find it before it goes off.

Enjoy a family fondue party leading up to midnight.

Surprise others with a delivery of cookies, pizza, or another late-night treat at their door.

Play virtual ‘never have I ever’ with friends.

Keep it small and host a progressive dinner with your closest friends.

Host a glow in the dark scavenger hunt through the neighborhood.

Have a fancy dress up virtual party.

Enjoy a virtual escape room with friends.

Play pass the board game with your nearest neighbors. Choose a few neighbors to participate, start playing a game in each household, set a timer and when the hour is up rotate games from one house to the next. Continue this every hour until midnight.

Party like it’s 1999! Virtually meet up in a group video call. Everyone dresses like it’s the 90’s, listen to 90’s music and enjoy some 90’s style food.

Play  “I went to the shop and I bought…” the first person adds what they bought. The next person repeats what the first person bought and adds an item. Play continues until someone forgets what all has been bought.

Play virtual chopped. Pre-arrange with 3 or 4 households to have a basket of ingredients ready to go. The cook/chef isn’t allowed to know what’s in the basket. On go each cook/chef has 30 minutes to make a recipe. While you can’t enjoy each other’s food, you can see what was made and determine who was most creative and used all the ingredients.

Watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Have an appetizer cook-off and try a bunch of new recipes! Pictured above is our Mexican Won-Ton Cups.

Build a fort — Stack up old boxes or drape blankets over pieces of furniture to make a den that your cats (and younger selves) would be jealous of.

Go stargazing.

Have a PJ party — Grab anything cozy you can — from duvets and blankets to cushions and sleeping bags — and collect them in the living room to create the ultimate sleepover space.

Play mixologist for the night. Do with alcohol for the adults and soda for the kids. Stock your bar and come up with your own signature 2021 cocktail.

Create a video montage. Collect all the great photos and videos in your phone and finally slice them together to create a beautiful reminder of great memories and moments.

Have an early outdoor celebration during the day.

Watch a New Year’s Eve themed movie like When Harry Met Sally. 

Write personal notes of gratitude. Consider putting your gratitude into words and mailing cards to your friends.

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