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Colorful Doily Garland

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For any spring entertaining you have coming up, I wanted to share with you guys this fun party decor idea.


Colorful Doily Garland

Makes a 12 foot garland

(12) 8″ circular paper doilies
(12) 4″ circular paper doilies
12 feet butchers twine
Elmer’s glue
Paper plate

Fold both sizes of doilies in half making sure that both sides of the doilies holes match up when folded. In a paper plate, place a good squeeze of Elmer’s glue. Leaving a few inches on the end of the twine, glide the twine through the glue, 2 feet at a time. Start with the larger doily and place over the twine so it forms a half circle over the twine. Press the paper doily together just where the doily meets over the gluey butchers twine. You do not have to glue the whole doily together; we just glued the top that goes over the twine. Alternate the large doily then the small doily until you reach the desired garland length.

Photos by: Lorianne DeVita

Beijos xx

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