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Gift Idea: DIY Baking Bowls

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I love to bake and spend time in the kitchen, and so do a lot of my friends! So this year when I completely forgot to get a gift for my neighbor, before she left for the holidays I ran to the store and came up with something simple, easy and no-hassle … But, that was still a gift that everyone who likes to cook can use!

If you are looking for a fun and creative gift, these DIY Holiday Baking Bowls are the perfect idea. They are especially great to give to anyone who has kids because it is a fun activity for them partake in. They are inexpensive and easy to assemble, and have that personal touch that makes for a really thoughtful gift.

Also, you can customize them however you want! I’m showing you guys how I assembled mine, but you can get creative and fill them up with whatever else you want. Some ideas would be to add sprinkles or decorating supplies, include two different mixes, or even make your own baking mix by pre-combining all the dry ingredients in a cute jar, and then including a written recipe … The possibilities here are endless.

Here is what you will need:

A large mixing bowl — I got mine from Target, but any housewares store will carry them

Festive cookie cutters of your choice

Measuring cup set 


A cookie baking mix of your choice — I really like Simple Mills products, they are all gluten free, grain free, soy free, non GMO and paleo friendly.

Assemble your bowl by first placing some red crinkle paper in the bottom. Next, add in baking supplies and baking mix. Finally, wrap the entire bowl in cellophane and tie it with a bow!

Beijos xx

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