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DIY Holiday Card Door Hanger

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Like most families, we receive a lot of holiday cards each year … And many of them are so beautiful and thoughtful, that I always want to put them front and center at the house. But I always seem to run out of space on how to display all the cards in a fun way … The fireplace mantel gets full quickly! And the other lower places that work to display them, the kids end up making a big mess!

So … This year I got inspired to do something a little more fun with all of the holiday cards, and make this very easy DIY Holiday Card Door HangerIt’s a fun project to make with your kids because they can be responsible for adding new cards to it throughout the season, but they can’t make a mess or lose them throughout out the house! It is all in one place!

You can pick up everything you need from a hardware store, dollar store, or Target very inexpensively. You will need:

To assemble your DIY Holiday Card Door Hanger

Start by cutting approximately 36 pieces of ribbon into 4 inch pieces and set aside (it’s much easier to have these pre-cut). Select 7 holiday cards, and punch two holes in the card, one that is ¼ inch from the top and another that is ¼ inch from the bottom (make sure both holes are centered). With your tension rod lying flat on the floor, tie these first 7 cards to the tension rod with your ribbon, making sure they are spaced out evenly.

These first 7 cards will be your top row (and the only row that is full). Only cards 1,2,6, and 7 will extend all the way down to the floor (like in the image above). Card rows 2,3, and 4 will remain single cards so that there is space to walk through the door. Once you have hung the first 15 cards, you can place your hanger in a doorway and secure it with the tension rod. Continue to punch holes, hang and tie card to rows 1,2,6 and 7 until you reach the floor.

If you receive a ton of holiday cards, you can always utilize both sides of the project, and hang two cards in each spot (one on each side). Another idea is to cut each card you receive in half, and have the front of the card on one side, and the written message from the inside hanging on the other side – That way you get to keep re-reading the messages people have written. Hope you guys enjoy this project!

Beijos xx