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Today’s show is about making a great drink and an easy and tasty meal. I also included a simple decor idea for any table. I found the drink recipe on domesticate-me.com. It’s a nice drink to go with the very tasty slow cooker meal I made in the Ninja Cooking System. The meat just falls apart and I really like this Barbacoa over a nice bowl of black beans!

The decor idea is pretty simple and you might already have clear glass vases or bowls at home. You could give this a try with just buying the floating candles. I used flowers and fruits I already had at home. You can place several of the vases together for a nice centerpiece on a round table or scatter them down the center of a rectangular table. After dinner, you could move the lit vases into the living room and enjoy them through the night.

Drink Recipe: From Domesticate Me site.


Black-beery Whiskey Smash

Yield: 1 cocktail

¼ cup fresh blackberries
Juice of ½ lemon
6 fresh mint leaves
2 teaspoons raw sugar
2 ounces bourbon whiskey
2 ounces wheat beer
For garnish: (optional)
Mint sprig

Muddle fresh blackberries, lemon juice, mint leaves and sugar in a highball glass.
Stir in the whiskey. Add ice (crushed if possible) and top with wheat beer.
*If you’re feeling fancy, cut a wooden skewer so that it’s slightly taller than your glass. Thread 4-5 blackberries onto the skewer and add it to your cocktail along with a sprig of fresh mint.






Floating Candles with Fruit and Flowers

Assorted sizes of clear glass vases and bowls
Citrus fruit of your choice
Flowers of your choice
Floating candles – Available at Michaels

Place desired amount of fruit and flowers in clear glass vases and bowls.
Fill with water leaving about 2 inches from the waterline to the top of the vase.
Place floating candle on top of water.
Light and enjoy, an easy and beautiful way to decorate any table.

Photos by: Lorianne DeVita