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Get Your Tickets! Camila + Her Mother In Law Are Sitting Down To Talk With You In Austin!

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This year to celebrate both of their birthdays, Camila and Kay are going to be doing a talk about life, interviewing each other and taking your questions! Every year Camila raises money for a charity on her birthday, and this year, she will be donating all profits from their talk to a charity of Camila and Kay’s choice.  We are welcoming people of all ages, young and old, to come and talk about life stories and learnings. Whether you’re into wine or water, let’s come together and have a drink! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.


Here are the details:
DATE: Saturday, April 4th, 2020
TIME: 5:30 pm – 7:30 PM …. We will start with a cocktail, and then the talk will begin at 6 pm and go till 7:30 (but knowing Camila’s mother-in-law, it could go longer!)
LOCATION: This talk will be in the Austin area (location TBD)
COST: Tickets are $150 each, with all profits from this event being donated to a charity of Camila + Kay’s choice

Beijos xx
Women of Today

*Please note that we will do our absolute best to keep this date. As Camila’s mother-in-law is 88, if there are any cancellations for health reasons, all tickets (less processing fees) will be refunded. All opinions expressed in this talk are those of Camila McConaughey and Kay McConaughey and are in no way intended to be taken as professional advice. Alcohol will be served at this event. Must be 21+ with proof of valid identification to be served.