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A Look Back At Camila’s Oscars Dresses

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The 90th Annual Academy Awards are this coming Sunday, and it has me thinking about the years I have attended, and more specifically, what I wore … Today I wanted to share with you guys a little bit of the backstories behind each time I have gone to the Academy Awards.

Hoo my … 2011 was my first Oscars event ever … What an honor it was to be able to be in the same room as the most talented people in one field —  From actors, writers, directors, costume designers, special effects artists … You name it, the list goes on and on … The people who are pushing the envelope, and touching other people’s lives in the most creative way, from all over the globe, and in all races and genders.

That is what the Academy Awards are all about — Celebrating all that creativity and hard work … and it is hard work! After that reality sinks in … The question that pops up in any girls mind is what am I going to wear! For my first Academy Awards dress it was quiet a simple process:  I went to Kaufman Franco‘s NYC showroom, designer I love, and went through the items they had available … I was there for hours and saw tons of amazing and beautiful things, but didn’t see that one piece that I had really had my heart set on … Something that would have that ‘wow factor’ for me (if you know what I mean). Then I looked around and saw a closed door way in the back at the end of the showroom and asked them, “what’s behind that door?”. They said “Well those are really old dresses nothing you really want to look at …” Being the way I am … if you know me, you know what my next question was! Lol. “Do you mind, and is it okay, if I just take a peek in there?” The answer was, please go ahead and feel free to look at all of it.

My excitement just got higher! I went through bags and bags of garments big and small that had been sitting there for who knows how long — And they were all amazing but when I got to the last bag, that when my heart stopped! I knew right away … This forgotten classic black dress in the back of the store room was the winner of my heart! I wanted to keep it classy and respectful, as I was only accompanying my man to the event and I am not part of the field — So I didn’t want to show up in glitter or something flashy! It was really important for me to keep it classy, simple, respectful but appropriate for the event … After all, it is the Oscars! Thank you Kauffman Franco for making me feel like a queen! You forever have a special spot in my heart!

Glam credits:  Kaufman Franco dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and Kotur bag.

Later that night at the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Dress by Zuhair Murad

Fast forward to the 2014 Academy Awards. Ok … Now this was a bit different situation … It was the second time going back to the event, but not only that, my husband is now NOMINATED for best actor!!!! YES BABY…NOMINATED!!!

The emotions of it all … What it took to make Dallas Buyers Club, not just for him as an actor, but everyone involved on the movie, and for us as a family. That project was truly a labor of love for everyone involved. At this point I have been working with the most kind and amazing stylist Charlene Roxbury! Let me tell you a little back history: Charlene and I met a long, long time ago, I can’t even remember how. But we became friends, and used to be single ladies out in this crazy world, and she used to help me with my clothes just as friend, and once life made it possible then we then started working together for real! And we both now are married with kids! We have worked together for a long time, and she helped me with all my amazing looks throughout that big award season! She killed it didn’t she!!?

So for this specific event, we decided to work with a designer by the name of Gabriela Cadena t0 custom make a piece! Which meant we were going to design a one-of-a-kind piece together!  I am gonna tell you right now, it was the same experience as designing a wedding dress … Except one that the whole world will be looking at it! We worked hand in hand, me, her and the designer! Again always keeping in mind class, and being respectful of what the event is! We had everything set in stone: what the dress looked like, the fabric and the color of the shoes! The dress was set to be a nude color. But at the last minute, I couldn’t get a color out of my mind …  I called Charlene and told her, “You’re gonna kill me right now, but we need to change the color of the dress. It needs to be this certain tone of pink!” Let’s just say there was a quiet pause at the other end… lol… but being the pro that she is, she jumped right on it and the color change was made. Even the shoes were re-done and covered in a new color of fabric. We worked with Lorraine Schwartz to costume make some earring that would match the dress color, and this is what we came out with!!!

Dress by Gabriela Cadena, Charlotte Olympia shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Funny fact about the 2014 Oscars: We were all rushing and getting into the car, and I was so nervous that day leaving … The back of the dress was open, but I had a cape and there were about 4 people helping me get in the car in my dress. I had to lay the seats flat and lay down with the cape going all over the back of the car so that I didn’t wrinkle the front of the dress or the cape!!! We had friends in the car and family, and it was a bit of a situation, but we got it figured out and then I realized I had make up all over my back, and the make up had gotten all over the cape!! It all worked out in the end … I don’t know how, but you couldn’t really see it in photos or on tv!! So perfection it was! Lol!

In 2014, Good Morning America caught up with me to talk about how I was getting ready for the big night.

How cute is this?!?!?!! I guess some folks liked the dress!

This year I am working with another amazing stylist by the name of Anita Patrickson —  She tries to push me a bit to do different things with my fashion, so let’s see what comes out of this partnership! But whatever it is is going to be fun! Can’t wait to share with you guys!

Will you be watching the Oscars?!

Beijos xx