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Setting New Year’s Resolutions With My Kids

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January 1st was really great for me and family! We really had a top-notch day with a great combination of fun and quiet at the same time! One thing I managed to do with the kids was create a project for them to set their New Year’s resolutions!

First, I found a piece of bamboo from our yard … Yes, I do grow bamboo! Next, I got colorful paper and each kid got to choose their color. Then I talked to them about deciding what things they wanted to get better at in 2018 (but kept these goals positive and with the idea of moving forward and growing). For example, instead of using ‘I want to stop doing…..’ I use ‘I want to do more of… (whatever the opposite of what they needed to stop doing)’.

I also asked them what activities they wanted to do more of, or get better at like cooking, soccer, dancing, back flips, sewing, etc.

You should’ve seen some of the great stuff that came out of them once they started. I drew cute icons for every item on the list like hearts, moons, flowers, triangles and so forth … We then taped each of their sheets of paper to the bamboo, and wrapped the bamboo with a string of battery operated lights!

To add a little more fun to the project …

Once we were done, I hung the bamboo string of resolutions up in my kitchen, and the plan is for us to read the list every so often as a reminder to them on what things they want to get better at, and as a reminder to me on what activities I need to provide more of for them!

Now, I did have to get a little stern with them midway through the project because one would start to lose interest while I was working with the other. So a quick tip for all you parents would be to have some simple activities going to keep them busy while you writing the lists like small cars, Legos or coloring books so they stay entertained for that part of the project — At least that’s what worked for us!

I also added my New Year’s resolution as I wanted to be part of it too, and it was fun for them to see mine!

One of my resolutions was to become an even better mother then I already am…

One of my kids turned to me and said “That doesn’t make sense … you should remove that! You are already a great mother!“ Well… I said, ‘thank you my love … but even when you are great at something, there are always ways and room to improve, and get even greater at it!’

This project turned out to be a lesson after all!!

Share with us if you did something similar, or if you try this with your kids! It’s not too late to set resolutions.

Beijos! Xx