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Top 10 Tips for Video Calls

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With more and more of us utilizing video calls for both business and to stay socially connected, we here at Women of Today thought we’d put a list together of some pretty easy tips to improve your video calls and experience. Have a look at the ten tips below for executing a great video call.

1 – Eliminate backlighting

If you have to make a video call and your back is facing the window, close your blinds or draw your drapes. If you cannot eliminate the backlighting, consider using a virtual background that is offered through some of the video conferencing websites.


2 – Lighting

You can either make your call with light illuminating your face naturally by facing a window or bring in lamps and set them up on each side of your screen. If you only have one light, try to have it facing directly towards you. If you have box lights, you can set these up to equidistant and both angled to illuminate your face.


3 – Stabilize your camera and keep it eye level.

You can use books and boxes to bring your camera up to eye level. Once you reach the desired eye level height, and do not have a stand for your camera, you can use a canned goods to prop your camera up and hold it in place.


4 – Internet Connection         

If you have other people in your home using the internet during your scheduled video call, the video quality can often be reduced. If it is possible, ask anyone in your home using the internet during this time to logoff. Setting yourself up close or near your modem will also help to improve the signal and overall video quality.


5 – Sound

If your audio is not clear, you can cancel your camera, and this will help to improve the sound quality. Moving closer to your modem helps and eliminating background noise all will improve the quality and overall experience.


6 – Background

If possible, try to have your video call with a clean background free from people walking in and out of the frame. If this is not possible, consider using a virtual background that is offered through some of the video conferencing sites.


7 – Punctuality

If possible, try to log onto your video call 2-3 minutes before the call is scheduled to begin so when everyone arrives the call can start on time. This is also recommended in case you have any tech issues and might need to logon twice.

8 – Room Location

If you’re working from home, have kids and have an important call scheduled, find a room with a door and if you can lock the door, lock the door! If you do not have a room that has a door that locks, tie a ribbon on the outside of the door as a signal that you’re on a call and ask that they not enter.


9 – What to wear

Similar to what you see your local broadcasters wear on the news, staying away from white, prints, and stripes are all good rules to follow when you’re on a video call. Muted and solid colors are always a good choice.


10 – Makeup

Keep your makeup natural. For some of you that have a pressed powered in the back of your linen closet or makeup drawer and haven’t used it in years, this is when you bring it out. Powder helps to balance your skin tone and texture.


Happy chatting! 
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