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WOT Reader Challenge: Generosity Dinners

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Our regular readers here at Women of know that we are all about community and helping each other out. That is really at the foundation of what we do. So when I first met Tiffany Dixon Kerr at an event in Austin and heard about the concept of Generosity Dinners I knew I had to share this back with you all!

There’s something very special about coming together as a community and as friends to support each other … Especially when you know someone who could use a little extra help. So what is a Generosity Dinner and how can you learn more about it? Have a look at the video below …

Pretty cool concept, right? It’s really easy — First, you bring a group of people together for a dinner. You can have a potluck, or take turns hosting. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate — Just a meal where you all sit down together and enjoy. Each dinner guest comes to the meal with two things: First, a donation. It can be any amount (whatever they are able to do). Second, each person comes with a donation destination in mind. It might be a neighbor down the street who is struggling to pay for child care, or someone they know who is going through medical treatment … It can be any situation that speaks to your heart!

As the dinner goes on, you all talk about who you think in your community could use a little extra help. At the end of the dinner, you all take a vote on where you think the money collected that night should go.

Guys, this is such an easy and amazing way to come together as a community, share with each other and also give back to each other! Not only will you be helping people around you, but we are willing to bet that you will learn a whole lot more than you think about your neighbors and new friends.

So who is in?! Today, we at Women of Today are challenging all of you to host a Generosity Dinner of your own and tell us all about it for a chance to be featured on our website. Let us know if you are planning one, and what you plan to do. We would even be happy to send you some recipe suggestions for your dinner! Tag us at @womenoftoday with the hashtags #generositydinner and #wotchallenge, or send us an email at info@womenoftoday.com and let’s get planning!

Thank you so much to Tiffany Dixon Kerr for introducing this concept to me and everyone at Women of Today!

Beijos xx



by Camila Alves McConaughey