Watermelon + Blueberry Skewers


1 small Watermelon

1 pint of blueberries


8 – 10 Wooden Skewers

Straw to make a hole in the center of the watermelon

Star cookie cutter


Slice watermelon into large disks. Small watermelons are best to use and be very careful when slicing.

Use the star cookie cutter to cut out star shapes.

Using the straw, make a hole in the center of the star, this is the pilot hole for the blueberry. Place one blueberry into the hole

Skewer 8 blueberries onto each wooden skewer

Insert skewer into the bottom of the watermelon star, gently piercing the blueberry in the center. Repeat until you have used the desired number of skewers. 

Servings 8