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Tissue Paper Flowers


  • 3 pieces tissue paper (any color, new or used)
  • 4 Bamboo skewers
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Short glass or short vase
  • Glass beads to put in the bottom of the vase or anything you might have. Add to the bottom of the glass or vase to secure the skewers.


  • Layer the three pieces of tissue on top of each other.
  • Using scissors, cut all the tissue in half to give you two piles of three layers.
  • Combine both piles so you have a total of six layers of tissue.
  • With all six layers of tissue on top of one another, cut into four equal sections.
  • You will have four piles of six pieces of tissue, to make four flowers.
  • With each pile, starting at the short side, fan fold the tissue, approximately 1-inch fan folds.
  • Using a stapler, vertically staple the middle of each section.
  • From the outer edge of each fanfolded section, slowly and gently begin pulling each tissue layer up toward the center. Continue until finished and you can squeeze the “flower” to get the desired shape.
  • With the point end of the skewer, place in-between the bottom of each “flower” between the folds. Trim the skewer height to desired length and arrange in your vase.
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