Why Women of Today?

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I always say that it is hard enough being a woman! All the ups and downs we go through — And I’m literally talking about monthly! We need a whole lot of confidence, power and courage to both go out into the world, and to take care of everyone around us. And most importantly, we still need to try to find time and space in our minds to take of ourselves! So, I have always said that if I can help women, and in any way possible make their lives a little easier, even in a simple way, I would like to do that! I try to keep this personal mission front and center of every business venture I do.

I have traveled around the world, and one thing I found so beautiful about other cultures is seeing how women always seem to have some kind of community with each other. They share their ideas, their problems, their solutions, and teach and learn from each other, generation through generation, friendship to friendship … And coming back to the United States, I didn’t see as much of that. So, this is how the Women of Today community started! This site is not about me saying ‘hey look at what I can do’ it is more of a look at what I have learned, and a look at what you have taught me, and the ways that you all have inspired me! It’s a combination of all of your stories and your recipes and ideas! I take your tips and stories, and then publish them and make them easy so anyone can learn from it!

On Women of Today, we will be regularly featuring special stories from you, and also providing special experiences for you — Because I believe that that’s the best gift you can give to someone!

That’s why it is so important for you all to keep sharing your inspirational stories and tips (or the stories and tips of someone you know) with the community. We want to know what you are going through … good times or bad times — Women of Today is designed to be a place where we can all share and learn from each other. And of course, we are always looking to know about your favorite recipes, or questions about recipes, kids’ projects, home, beauty and fashion …. you name it, let’s talk about it!!! Let’s keep on building this community with love and gratitude — We will learn so much more if we do it together.

Thank you for being a part of the Women of Today community.

Beijos xx

by Camila Alves McConaughey