Feed & Protect Our two basic needs in this pandemic today - people need food to sustain themselves and masks to protect themselves from the virus. Let's feed and protect today so we have more of both tomorrow.

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Camila and Matthew McConaughey, along with Tracey and Bill Marshall, started this initiative and together with Women of Today are donating a combination of FDA approved surgical masks, FDA approved KN95 MASKS and MEALS for families in need. Join us.

With the help of BStrong, GEM, and other partners, we have been able to donate over 300,000 masks and 51,000 meals (plus over 35,000 meals through just keep livin Foundation). We are in a position to move quickly and have people on the ground now ready to facilitate. Our combined efforts will be in support of law enforcementfire departmentsmedical workerselderly facilities and families who don’t have the means to buy food during this time.


Let’s protect and feed our neighbors.

We’ve partnered with Riverbend Church as a non-profit organization so you will get a tax receipt with your donation.

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100% of your money will go to masks and meals for those in need

This is a line of people waiting for food in one of the locations we are donating to.

Thank you to those who have donated :

Nicole Perez
Shannon Turner
Leslie Sabino
Brandie Pack
Daniela Prato
Reagan Lowery
Jesse Lund
Danial Ahmad
Cindi Hall
Katherine Jones
Valerie Curry
Richard Harris
Carole McDonald
Linda Sewell
Vickie Kennedy
Helen Gazewood
Diandra Escamilla
Kimberly Burrows
Michelle White
Natalie Beurskens
Brandi Davis
Petya Hristova
Janette Jeffries
Kristi Barksale

Benjamin Hull
Elena Du Plessis
Jennifer Escalera
Barbara Nefouse
Patricia Bickford
Yvonne Martinez
Ashley Almonte
Alvaro Pires
Jill Royster
Jeree Chaney
Jodi Donley
Carrie Carnie
Crystal Lourd
Zenobia Connor
Deborah Schemanske
Tiffany Parsons
Ivonne Cuesta
Judy Brunelle
Veronica Cortez
Oksana Koscic
Adara Agreda-Cantero
Susan Jenkens
Caroline Helwick
Helen Dale-Simons

Maralyn Bloomer
Amanda Smith
Brandi Fickle
Jeff Daniels
Melanie Jones
Belinda Armstrong
Karen Boulware
Gsry Sirman
Kyle Coker
Rachael Ray
Tammi Burns
Anh Kajita
Marina Cohn
Irene Bauer
Lisa Friedlander
Sabrina LeNoir
Jenna Bitney
Donna Siler
Katherine McCaston
Christine Shoop
Kari McCormick
Valerie Brock
Christopher Meurer
Tracey & Bill Marshall

by Camila Alves McConaughey