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American Flag Cake

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Memorial Day is just around the corner (which means 4th of July isn't far behind).

To get into the patriotic spirit of summer we wanted to share with you this American Flag Cake that Camila made on the Rachael Ray Show. This cake looks pretty typical on the outside —  A round, white layer cake. No big deal, right? But when you cut into it, each piece of cake has an American flag on it!

Don’t be intimated … This cake is actually not very hard to make at all! It’s just a series of small steps that add up to one awesome result!!

Now, to keep this cake (at least a little bit) healthier, we suggest using an organic cake mix (or make one from scratch). Especially for the blue food coloring, try to use an organic liquid or gel food coloring. You can also make this cake gluten free (like Camila does) and use an almond flour based gluten free cake mix.