Grilled Chicken Club

Better For You Grilled Chicken Club

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This recipe is dedicated to the one and only, MaMac!

Today is MaMac’s birthday, so in honor of our favorite mother-in-law, we are sharing a recipe inspired by one of her favorite meals…. A Better For You Grilled Chicken Club!

We kept all the classic flavors of a club sandwich, but in true WOT style, we made this classic better for you by using guacamole instead of mayo, or you could use mashed avocado with a bit of sea salt. We also only used two slices of bread and not the typical three slices.

TIP: Try using our Dutch Oven Multigrain Bread for this recipe, it’s delish!

Better For You Grilled Chicken Club

Servings 2


  • 1 uncooked chicken breast, sliced lengthwise, twice
  • 4 slices of multigrain bread, toasted
  • 2 pieces of lettuce
  • 2 small tomatoes, sliced
  • 2 slices of bacon cooked, cut in half
  • ¼ cup guacamole or smashed avocado
  • Slices of red onion


  • Rinse and pat the chicken breast dry. Using a sharp knife and being careful, slice the chicken breast lengthwise to yield two or three thin slices of chicken. Drizzle with a little olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  • Heat your grill pan or skillet to medium high. Cook chicken for approximately 3-4 minutes per side or until cooked through. Remove from heat and set aside
  • Begin building your sandwich, on the top slice of the toasted bread, spread the guacamole or smashed avocado. Add the sliced red onions and tomatoes. 
  • On the bottom slice of the toasted bread, add one piece of lettuce, one slice of chicken, and top with one slice of bacon that has been cut in half. Depending on the chicken breast you may need to cut it in half to fit the bread. 
  • You can serve this open and combine the top and the bottom slices of bread at the table. 
  • Slice in half and serve immediately.  
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All photos by Lorianne DeVita

by Camila Alves McConaughey