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DIY Floral Ice Bucket For Valentine’s Day

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To add a little extra creativity to your Valentine’s Day date night, I have come up with this easy DIY Rose Petal Ice Bucket. I chose roses for my ice bucket because it’s Valentine’s Day, but you can definitely use other kinds of flowers if you prefer! This floral cooler would also be beautiful in the spring time at a brunch. However you use it, it’s a lovely extra little touch to any date night or meal.

To make your bucket you will need about 6-8 fresh large red roses, a champagne bucket, as well as a single wine bottle cooler. The trick here is to make sure that your larger bucket is not double walled — If the bucket is too insulated, you won’t be able to get your mold out!

Start by filling the larger bucket with two inches of water, and then layer rose petals around the inside edges of the bucket  — A tip here is to slightly wet the petals so that they stick to the sides. Freeze for about 30 minutes (or until frozen), this will ensure you have lots of flowers on the outside of your finished product!

Next, place your smaller single bottle wine cooler inside the larger bucket, and put something heavy inside it so that it stays down … this isn’t necessary, but I found it helpful! Continue filling up the space between your two buckets with the remaining rose petals, and then top it with water. Freeze for a few hours.

Once your cooler has frozen solid, remove from the freezer and run warm water on the outside of the larger bucket. The mold should pop out — This can take a few minutes, so be patient! Either place your completed DIY Rose Petal Ice Bucket back in the freezer to save it for later, or put it on a beautiful plate or platter, and serve immediately with a nice glass of wine.

Beijos and Happy Valentine’s Day xx

by Camila Alves McConaughey