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Homemade Fruity Rolls

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Serving clean snacks to your kids does not need to be hard! I really try to avoid serving my kids processed foods whenever possible … This recipe a great snack that I make for them, that I can feel good about. These fruit rolls are so easy to do, and I put chia seeds in the recipe to add in some additional nutrition and protein. Have fun with this recipe! It works with a lot of different fruits, I just happen to love mango!

Fruity Rolls

2 ¼ cup diced Mango (or preferred fruit)
1tsp chia seeds ( adds omega 3’s and fiber and a little protein)
In a blender or food processor make a smooth paste with the mango.
Add in the teaspoon of Chia Seeds
Spread mixture thin and even onto a silpat or parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
Place in a 175* oven for 2-3 hours. Watch it carefully and look for a slightly dry surface with just browning edges.
Once cooled cut off edges to get an even rectangle and cut into long one inch wide strips and roll! 
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Enjoy! Beijos xx

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