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How To Spring Clean Your Closet Like A Pro

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Spring is officially in full swing: our days are longer, the temps are warmer, and our closets are itching for a little TLC.

Today we welcome back to WOT host, broadcast contributor, and author Sydney Sadick who is here to share with us her expert tips for spring cleaning your closet!

After spending nearly a year in quarantine dressed in sweatpants, leggings, and athleisure galore, you might be feeling the need to update your closet even more than in past years. I always say that we want our closets to be a happy place; a space that inspires and excites us to dress up and be confident in our own skin no matter your closet size or what your wardrobe looks like. But a lot of times, our closets can make us feel overwhelmed due to clutter and pieces that either no longer fit or you don’t associate with positivity.


This year, I encourage everyone to go through their closets and implement my favorite spring-cleaning method: The Purge & Save. Every item of clothing that you choose to wear should always bring out your best self, and there are now easy ways to not only organize your closet (it’s the perfect therapeutic Sunday afternoon DIY project, by the way), but you can also now make money off of what you don’t want, too. It’s a win-win!

Here is my 7-step closet purge inspired by my mom, who taught me all of the top tips and tricks of the trade! [Note, these steps are also featured in my book, Aim High].

Folding Clothes

Step 1: Break It Up. Divide your wardrobe into categories: work clothes, weekend clothes, and dressy outfits—these are my go-tos. Then divide each category by pieces: blouses, tanks, pants, jeans, etc.

Step 2: Color Code It. I’ve found it best to organize by color first and then by sleeve length: sleeveless, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve. Follow my rainbow guide for color: white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, purple, green, brown, grey, and then black. Patterned clothing should have its own area and be organized by the predominant color. Coordinate slacks by color and then short cropped to the longer pants. Arrange dresses by rainbow color and then by sleeve length. You will be amazed at how professional this looks, and you can quickly “shop your wardrobe” for styles.

Step 3: Seasons of Clothes. If you have a second closet in your home, put out-of-season clothing away until you need it. If you don’t have a second closet, make use of the extra space under your bed or purchase an extra rack.

shoe organizer

Shoe organizer from The Container Store


Step 4: Feet First. Accessories are especially challenging due to space. Shoes tend to be the most difficult. I purchase sliding plastic boxes at the Container Store and stack up the shoes so that I can see what is in them. I have so many shoes that I often feel like I’m literally living in these boxes, but such is a fashion girl’s dilemma. My favorite shoe trick: paste a photo on each shoebox so you can easily see the pair without opening the box. A little more work, but manageable and saves you time in the long run.

Step 5: Bag Lady. Purses are best placed on shelves if you have them. They also make for chic décor if you’re ready to expose your belongings—I do this. My bookshelves substitute as display cases for my purses. I have not regretted this decision one bit.

Step 6: Shiny Things. Jewelry is good in drawers or on top of the dresser, again in divided plastic boxes. The best advice is to have everything visible so you can quickly select the best choices. You’ll be shocked at what you find, like little treasures when you’ve forgotten about them for so long.

Step 7: Purging: Now the question is what to do with the pile of items you never wear. If you keep your clothes clean and looking great, then you will find lots of great opportunities to either donate or resell your clothes.

There are great online and retail destinations like the RealReal or Poshmark. It’s excited to receive surprise checks for your old clothes, which you can then use for new purchases. Think of this as your modern-day piggy bank. If the clothing is too worn or I a brand resellers don’t take, deliver them to your local Good Will and they’ll provide you with a tax deduction form. It feels great to donate to a good cause. I’m always amazed at how crowded these places are with people looking for great bargains. Remember, your old item may be someone else’s newfound gem!

*One last tip: I have wasted far too much time closet hunting for a particular black t-shirt or favorite jeans but couldn’t find them. But this rarely happens to me now. Today, I prepare my outfits the night before, even during the pandemic, all styled. And even on days that I know I want to wear my sweatpants; I do this too. It provides a sense of schedule and purpose. Plus, it allows me to just focus on my hair and makeup the following morning without the stress of rushing to put an outfit together.

People say you want to live in a happy space, but ultimately, you also want to get dressed in a happy space. Getting dressed is likely one of the first things you do every morning and doing so without havoc will help serve as the foundation to having a successful and accomplished day. Sure you still might have moments where you don’t know what to wear, but it won’t happen nearly as often if you keep your clothes and accessories organized and up-to-date.

Happy organizing!

Sydney Sadick


ABOUT SYDNEY SADICK is a national broadcast contributor concentrating on fashion and entertainment. She is regularly seen on TODAY’s Hoda & Jenna, E! Daily Pop, Inside Edition, and more. Sydney is the author of “Aim High: How to Style Your Life & Achieve Your Goals,”  a motivational guide to helping women develop their personal style and learning how to bring out their confidence from within. She is also a former editor at the Daily Front Row.

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