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Nate Berkus Shows Us How To Decorate With Books

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World-famous interior designer Nate Berkus is here today to show us something we never knew we needed: tips on how to use your books to decorate your home.

Let’s start with this: there is no wrong way to decorate with books. Books play a major role in giving your home personality and warmth – they should remind you of things you love, make you think, and invite you to curl up and dig into a favorite right away.

But that’s not to say there aren’t some especially great ways to give the books you love pride of place. Today, we’re exploring three totally different ways that make the most of your library. Starting with…


Elevate The Extraordinary

This move is for a sampling of books that have tremendous value, sentimental or otherwise: put them behind glass. This simple move acts as a pedestal for the most special stories, scrapbooks, or first editions. And layering in some beautiful pottery and art adds to the museum-like showcase.

Create A Sanctuary

The space underneath a staircase doesn’t need to be wasted – it can be your favorite spot in the house if you fill it with well-loved books! Same goes for similarly underutilized spots, from awkward corners to an uninspired family room. The only thing here as important as the stacks upon stacks of books? Somewhere comfortable to sit and read.

Surround Yourself With Goodness

An especially brilliant move if you don’t have room for a traditional bookcase, stack books on every inviting horizontal space, from the dining table to a console to a bar cart. As your eye travels around the room, it will land on fun, memory-filled books. What’s better than that?

Nate Berkus


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Pictured from top: The homes of Chris Gardner, Fabiola Beracasa, and Steven Berg; all photographed by Roger Davies for The Things That Matter via Nate Berkus

by Camila Alves McConaughey