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Reader Spotlight: Pamela Miller’s Garden

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These great photos were sent to us by Pamela Miller, a member of our Women of Today community! Not only is Pamela an avid gardener with a green thumb, but she is also a retired nurse and comes from a family of nurses. Her mother was a nurse along with her oldest sister, a family of nurses we thought this was remarkable.

Sadly, Pamela lost her mom a couple of years ago, but she let us know that her mom taught her everything she knows about gardening.

Pamela lives in North Carolina with her husband and her four pets. She is also a volunteer with a non-profit to help women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Thank you, Pamela Miller, for sharing your beautiful photos and telling us more about you.


I am a nurse and I have been working in the nursing field for twenty-three years. I spend a lot of my free time outdoors. I am originally from upstate NY and relocated to South Florida in 1992 because my parents lived there. I lived in Florida for twenty-five years.

After my Mother passed away in 2018, I felt it was time to move. I grew up in the MountainsWot reader and after taking a vacation in Western NC, it felt like home. My husband and I bought our Mountain home in July 2018. I have volunteered with a local non-profit organization helping women and families who need help to escape domestic abuse.

My husband, Jim, and I enjoy hiking and exploring new areas. There are many waterfalls to see here! I enjoy taking long walks with my dog, Sally. I love animals and have four pets that are my furry kids. I have two adult stepsons and one grandson. I have a deep faith in God, and I consider myself a naturalist.

My mother taught me everything I know about gardening and was the gardener in our family. Sadly, she passed away two years ago. My mother was very creative and a nurse as well, and we were very close. I have three sisters, my oldest sister is a retired nurse.

Three nurses in one family! During this unusual time we are all experiencing, being out in nature is my escape. I like to bake, Biscotti is my favorite, and I enjoy cooking as well. I am part Italian, and Italian food is my favorite.  

I am happy I found WOT. I think Camilla is an inspiration, and I can see how much she cares about people and how much she is making a difference.

Thank you!
Stay Safe & Well
Blessings to all

Sincerely, Pamela Miller

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by Camila Alves McConaughey