Shani Darden in LA Studio


Expert Esthetician Shani Darden Teaches Us How To Do An At-Home Facial

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Considered the secret behind Hollywood’s most flawless faces, we are excited to welcome expert esthetician Shani Darden to WOT.

Meet the incredible Shani Darden — One of the most sought-after estheticians in Hollywood, trusted by A-list faces in a town where beauty standards are incredibly high.

Today we have the pleasure of Shani teaching us how to do an at-home facial, using some of her favorite products (see below). Check out her step-by-step guide below!

For all of the products Shani used:

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

Shani Darden Cleansing Serum


Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads

Shani Darden Facial Sculpting Wand

Shani Darden Hydra Prep Gel

Dr. Nigma Serum No. 1

Shani Darden Intensive Eye Renewal Cream

Shani Darden Weightless Oil-Free Moisturizer

Enjoy and happy facial-ing!

About Shani Darden:

Shani Darden has always been obsessed with skin. But as a teenager in a small town in upstate New York, Shani struggled with acne, begging her mother to take her to the dermatologist—even making her own products to solve her skin issues. After moving to LA to pursue a career in modeling, Shani realized that her true gift was helping people with their skin. She trained as an esthetician under a leading dermatologist, gaining hands-on expertise with the most challenging skin conditions. Jessica Alba, one of Shani’s most loyal clients, encouraged her to start her own business.

Going out on her own, Shani developed a passion for creating products she could not find, sending clients home with custom-made formulas between visits. In 2013, she launched her Retinol Reform serum, a unique, non-drying formula that boosts collagen, minimizes fine line and wrinkles, and smooths and brightens skin. Shani’s glow-inducing facials and Retinol Reform ™ serum quickly built a huge celebrity following, and in 2018 she launched a line of products under the Shani Darden Skin Care brand. In June 2019, Shani opened her first flagship studio in Beverly Hills where she treats clients, develops high-performance formulas and shares her expertise with her fans on social media. Today Shani is sharing her secrets so people everywhere can achieve their best A-list skin.

You can visit Shani’s website here and follow her on Instagram here.

by Camila Alves McConaughey