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Essential Tips For Sun Safety

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Summer is here and we here at WOT wanted to share with you some good sun safety tips to keep in mind this summer.

We all know sun safety is important, but after a few seasons spent indoors and out of the rays, we thought this was the perfect time to give everyone a quick and easy refresher course. It is important to have a head-to-toe sun safety plan to protect you and your family this season…. and don’t forget your four-legged family members too. Hot surfaces like blacktop and sand can burn the pads on the bottom of their paws.

First up, have a look at the quick video below, Sun Protection: Fact or Fiction from Penn Medicine’s Dr. John Molitoris .

Now, let’s get to some more quick tips on how to stay sun safe this summer!

TIP 1: Let’s start with the basics, SUNSCREEN.

Have you heard of the “Shot Glass Rule”? Yes, this is how much sunscreen an adult should use to properly protect themselves in the sun.

Did you know, it doesn’t matter if you use SPF 30, 50 or higher, you still need to reapply every 2 hours if you’re outside? That’s right, keep the sunscreen close because it need to be reapplied often in the summer.

TIP 2: Choosing the right sunscreen 

Choose a good sunscreen with minimal chemicals! There are a lot of great options out there for natural and organic sunscreens, but we like to use COOLA Organic Mineral Sunscreen & Sunblock Body Lotion. 

TIP 3: Grab your hat 

A hat is a great way to protect yourself from the sun, especially your forehead. Not only does it protect your skin, but it also keeps your head cool and reduces your chances of being overexposed to heat.

One of our favorites that looks very chic and also has a UPF 50 is this Lanzom Women Wide Brim Straw Panama Roll up Hat Fedora Beach Sun Hat UPF50+ 

TIP 4: Your clothing needs UPF too! 

Most people don’t realize that their skin is NOT always protected by their clothing. And did you know that you can actually get clothing that protects your skin? UPF Clothing is an easy way to protect your skin and you only need to use sunscreen on the exposed skin. If you are hiking, biking, or dining outside, consider trying out UPF clothing. Also, at the pool, a great rash guard can make protecting your skin and your loved ones easy while in the water.

Here are two brands of UPF clothing we love: AmberNoon by Dr. Erum Ilyas (fashionable ready to wear UPF clothing) and Coolibar (Active sun protective clothing).

TIP 5: Get the right umbrella! 

Whether you are beach-side or poolside, bring an umbrella that will help to protect your skin too. Look for umbrellas with at least a UPF of 50. They will help protect your skin and keep you cool.

TIP 6: Grab your sunnies! 

Last, but not least, sunglasses are extremely important when outside. UVA and UVB rays are present in full sun or overcast skies. Make sure the sunglasses block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Not all sunglasses offer this protection, so read tags and labels carefully. Choose larger lenses. Large lenses protect more surface area on your face, including the delicate skin around your eyes.

Happy summer and stay safe everyone!

by Camila Alves McConaughey