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The Importance of Female Friendship

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Raise your hand if you have ever been lucky enough to have an amazing female friend in your life...

Turns out, our best girlfriends significantly impact our lives, and science is proving it. They make the tough times easier and the good times better, and when we spend time with them, we just feel good! What you may not know is how much of an impact strong female bonds can have on your health.  According to Forbes, a research study from UCLA states that having a strong female friendship can actually extend your life expectancy! Literally, your girlfriends can contribute to you living longer! But how exactly do they help? 

First and foremost, female friendships can help to reduce and /or relieve stress! The emotional support and empathy that women provide can significantly reduce stress levels. According to the UCLA research, “women more reliably turn to their social contacts in times of stress.” Doing so can increase feel-good hormones and reduce their stress response.” Research has even shown that women have higher survival rates from breast cancer when they have strong friendships than those in social isolation. 

Strong female friendships also have an impact on mental health and overall quality of life! An article in Psychology Today explains that, “valuing friendships was related to better functioning, particularly among older adults.” These relationships contribute to improved mental health, self-esteem, and overall life satisfaction. This is because women can share experiences, exchange advice, and navigate the complex challenges of life together.  

The bottom line is this: We all need connection, and for women specifically, the connection with our female friends is even more important and proven to benefit us for the long-term! So, now we have another excuse (and actual scientific proof!) to get together with your girlfriends – Whether it’s a coffee, a walk, a trip or a call!  


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by Camila Alves McConaughey