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10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart … It’s challenging, it’s unpredictable, and it’s also incredibly rewarding! It’s also often a journey for one! As many entrepreneurs know, you can easily end up consumed by your process. You get so caught up in your own day-to-day that you forget about learning from others and asking for help. These are two very important elements of being a good business owner. Today, we are excited to share with you all 10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs (that we have learned the hard way):

  1. Get up early and have a non-work-related morning ritual:

Life as an entrepreneur is busy and can often feel like a serious juggling act! Which, let’s be honest, usually is. That’s why it is so important to take some time in the morning before diving into anything work-related to ground yourself. Before checking emails, going on social media, or taking a call, take time to yourself to do something beneficial like meditating, exercising, or getting outside for at least 20 minutes. Getting exposure to sunlight every morning can have a big impact on your brain’s serotonin levels (and who doesn’t want to be happier). Also, take a moment to visualize your day and how you want it to pan out. Learning to use visualization techniques is one of the best tools you can master as an entrepreneur.

  1. Be adaptable:

You’re good at what you do! You know it, and your clients probably know it, too. That’s how you get the confidence to try your hand at running your own business. But humility and the ability to not get offended when things don’t go your way are vital to being successful. Know the difference between being confident in your work and refusing to be wrong.  Learn from those moments when you are wrong, make notes not to repeat mistakes, and move forward. The faster you become comfortable with your failures, the easier your journey through entrepreneurship is going to be.

  1. Make sure your workday ends at your bedroom door:

Most entrepreneurs eat, sleep, and breathe their business. They can’t help it, and usually, that’s a good thing. But learning to leave work thoughts out of the bedroom is vital to getting the sleep you need. If you are lying in bed at night, thinking about work, then your brain cannot turn off and get the rest it needs. Use your bedtime ritual as your time to think about your goals and what you are thankful for. Read a book for pleasure, or think about whatever else inspires you outside of your job.

  1. Set goals … big ones:

Successful entrepreneurs set goals, even big ones that seem unrealistic. It is so important to envision the bigger picture and truly understand what you intend for your life and your business. Writing down your goals and creating a vision board are the best ways to get clear about what you want. Set your intentions. Don’t worry about the details when it comes to the bigger, more long-term goals. You don’t have to know how you will achieve everything. Just deciding what it is you want is very powerful.

  1. Outsource and learn to delegate:

Free up time for bigger projects or personal time by outsourcing or delegating tasks that can be done by someone else. This one is really hard for most entrepreneurs at first! Handing over control of your business can feel scary. Think of this as an investment in your company and yourself. By delegating out tasks that you are not vital to complete, you will free up time to tackle more important things.

  1. Stay on top of your emails:

Who else can relate to constant ‘dings’ of emails or messages coming in on the phone all day long? If you are answering emails as they come in during the day, it can feel like you are a slave to your inbox. Successful entrepreneurs dedicate specific time blocks during their day to answering messages in their inboxes. This can be 30 min., 1 hour, or three times a day (morning, afternoon, and early evening). Many entrepreneurs say that this allows them to properly focus on their replies and get through all their messages at once without having to be tied to their phone or computer all day.

  1. Set boundaries

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to set boundaries — Especially with your clients (after all, you aim to please). However, not setting boundaries from the beginning can prove to be very counterproductive. Boundaries in any relationship are a very healthy thing, and when it comes to work, boundaries set mutual expectations. When you and your clients both know what is expected, everyone can play by the rules. Remember, nobody is superhuman, and as much as you want to please your clients 24/7, it is not realistic to sustain that.

  1. Learn from the clients that challenge you:

Often, it is the clients or jobs that we find most challenging, and we end up learning the most from them! As an entrepreneur, you often know what you are good at and tend to stay in your lane (and excel). But, every once in a while, you will undoubtedly encounter a client or situation that makes you feel like you are failing. Embrace this, and learn from it. The client or job may not work out, or you may rise to the occasion and learn more about your business and yourself. Don’t be afraid of a challenge.

  1. Push yourself and go the extra mile:

You have all heard the famous quote: “Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded”? Make this quote your business mantra because it is absolutely true. Your competition is probably not answering an email after 5 p.m. or is sending an invoice for that extra hour of work they are owed. Know that over-delivering for your clients, working a little bit harder, and going that extra mile is so worth it. Your efforts will come back tenfold in business if you stop counting everything you believe you are ‘owed’ and instead focus on going above and beyond for your clients. And since we’re talking cliché quotes, remember that you reap what you sew.

  1. Own your mindset:

Mindset is EVERYTHING. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must have a strong, positive, and flexible mindset. Owning your business means many ups and downs, successes and failures, and obstacles along the way. Those who can focus, adapt, and stay positive through it all are far more likely to succeed. Being an entrepreneur is all about facing obstacles head-on, learning from errors, and continuing to challenge yourself. Choose to see the positive in everything, and remember all of the things you are thankful for. Pretty soon, the positive things about your day will outweigh the stresses, and that’s an amazing place to be.

We hope these tips help to inspire you in your own business! Remember, we are here to build a community and support each other.  Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line to submit your business tips, questions, or ideas. We would love to feature them!

Best wishes!

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by Camila Alves McConaughey