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11 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick When You Fly ✈️

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Tried and true healthy air travel tips!

This year especially, the flu is rampant — And that means that traveling can greatly increase your odds of getting sick. It’s already easy enough to catch a cold or virus on an airplane … But with flu season still in full swing, you really need to step it up to make sure that you don’t get sick when you travel. We have put together our best tips to help you stay healthy the next time you board a plane.

GET SOME EXTRA IMMUNE SUPPORT: A visit to any health food store, and you can find a lot of different options for all-natural immune system support. One of our favorites is Oscillococcinum — An all-natural and homeopathic supplement that relieves the first symptoms of the flu. You can usually find this product near the checkout at Whole Foods.

USE DISINFECTANT WIPES: The second you sit down in your seat on the airplane, disinfect every surface around you! Those seats do not get wiped down and sanitized very often, so make sure that you wipe every surface you’re going to touch. If your destination includes a hotel, we recommend wiping down the surfaces in the room as well. We like to use all-natural wipes like the ones from Seventh Generation.

WASH YOUR HANDS CONSTANTLY: Whenever you travel, you are touching many different surfaces. From the airline check-in counter to security or to the plane itself, make sure to wash your hands as often as you can. Use soap and wash for at least 20 seconds with warm water.

BRING YOU OWN BLANKET: Airline blankets are often reused (gross, but true), so bring your own in case you get cold. We suggest bringing a cozy sweater or even a big scarf to wrap up in.

GUARD YOUR NOSE: According to the National Institutes of Health, airborne germs are one of the top two sources of cold virus infection. We like to use a neti pot right after a flight and then continuously each day after that we are still traveling. This helps to clean out the sinuses!

DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK TO MOVE SEATS: Even though you may not want to appear rude, if you are sitting next to a sick passenger, then it is worth asking the flight attendant if you can move seats. Ask politely, and volunteer to take any other seat available.

HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE: Drink as much water as you can before, during, and after your travel. Being well-hydrated is very important for your immune system to function. When you travel in an airplane, the air is very dry. If you aren’t well hydrated, the skin around your nose can become dry, and you become more susceptible to airborne viruses. This leads us to our next point…

USE THE AIR VENT ABOVE YOUR SEAT: You want to keep the air around you circulating as much as possible. Turn your air vent on as high as it can go to keep the air (and germs) moving! The air that is circulating is filtered, so it is your best bet to keep your personal space germ-free.

KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR FACE: You are going to be touching bacteria when you travel, no matter how hard you try and avoid it. Try your best not to touch your face and spread the germs to your mouth or eyes.

GET LOTS OF SLEEP: Sleep and rest and very important for a healthy immune system. Even though travel can mean an erratic schedule, try to get a good 8 hours of sleep in the days surrounding your travel.

USE TEA TREE OIL: Tea Tree Oil is an amazing essential oil with a ton of different uses and benefits. The biggest benefit is that it is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. One way you can use it is to try rubbing some tea tree oil onto the soles of your feet to strengthen your immune system and prevent infection. There are a lot of other ways to use this oil, and you can read about them here.  We like to use Young Living essential oils, they are therapeutic-grade and come in travel-size bottles that are easy to take with you when you travel.

Enjoy and stay healthy!

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by Camila Alves McConaughey