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3 Tips for Shopping Antiques

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Some people just have a knack for antique shopping, and Camila is one of them!

Antique shopping can be overwhelming if you don’t have that magic ability to sort through all sorts of things and quickly find the diamond in the rough! After years of antique shopping (and having a natural ability to find treasures), Camila has learned a few foolproof tips that may help you on your next home decor hunt.

• Dirt and dust are okay: If the piece looks new, it probably is. One good way to tell is to look at the nails and hardware. The shiner they are, the newer the piece is.

• Pay attention to the joints of the furniture: Instead of using nails, skilled cabinetmakers will use a dovetail. This means that the piece was handcrafted and not manufactured.

• Don’t be scared to look online: Shopping online for antiques is a great way to go. Often if you email the seller and ask for additional images, they will send them to you. Check out sites like 1stDibs or Chairish

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do a little research on the authenticity of a piece. Sometimes, there won’t be a backstory and that’s okay — But often, a good antique dealer will have some information they can share with you. Lastly, finding the perfect piece can take time and many shopping trips. Be patient with the process!

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by Camila Alves McConaughey