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5 Genius Pumpkin Carving Hacks You Have To Try

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Want to make pumpkin carving a little easier? We found some genius tips you need to know about.

Raise your hand if you also feel like no matter how many years go by, you still haven’t mastered carving a pumpkin! Its awkward, it’s messy, and it’s downright hard at times… but it’s also a treasured Halloween pastime and one ritual that we partake in every year. But this year, we decided we want to try and do it better…

In anticipation of our annual carving party, we went in search of genius hacks that the internet swears by to make the process a little bit easier. Keep scrolling to get these great ideas.

1. Cut The Bottom Off Your Pumpkin — Instead of cutting off the top, try cutting your hole in the bottom instead. This looks cleaner and makes it much easier to insert your lights or candles. Plus, thanks to gravity, a big chunk of pumpkin guts will fall out right.

2. Clean Your Pumpkin With A Hand Mixer — You may have seen this hack all over social media… Place the small mixer into your large, medium or smaller sized pumpkin and run the machine all around in the inside of your pumpkin. The two handles with grab all the pumpkin insides into a big ball and all you have to do is pull it out!

3. Put Fairy Lights Inside — Instead of opting for a regular candle, try using a string of battery-operated fairy lights. It creates a beautiful effect; you can re-use the lights and don’t have to worry about chilly fall winds blowing out your candle.

4. Plan or Trace Your Carve Using A Dry Erase Marker — Keep your pumpkin looking clean by mapping out your design using a dry erase marker. Not only will this allow you to change your mind, but it will keep your pumpkin looking nice and clean.

5. Use Petroleum Jelly — This one might seem odd, but it makes perfect sense! Petroleum jelly acts like a barrier to seal in moisture and slow down the dehydration process. Simply brush a light layer over everywhere you carve.


We hope this helps you with your pumpkin carving this year!

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by Camila Alves McConaughey