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April Fool’s Day Pranks

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I love a good practical joke! I think that April Fool’s day is the perfect time to have some harmless fun with my kids. This year, I wanted to share with you guys some fun pranks to teach to the kids.

Oreo Cookie Prank

Oreo or another chocolate sandwich cookie
Opaque peppermint toothpaste

This one is pretty self explanatory! Open the Oreo, scoop out the frosting, replace with toothpaste and serve to your unlucky target!

Fake Parking Violation

I found this link online. Just print it out and leave it on the kitchen counter, stand back and watch your unsuspecting better half go through the mail.


Upside-down Cup with Message – “Do not open unless you plan to kill it.”

All you need is a Styrofoam cup and a pen.
This is a good joke for co-workers or teachers.

Sticky Eyeballs

Use sticky eyeballs on the items in the fridge to surprise your kids.
All you need is one pack of sticky eye balls. Most craft stores will have these such as Jo-Anne Fabrics.

Remote Control Prank

Cover remote control sensor with black duck tape.
All you need is black duck tape and a pair of scissors.
Trim the tape to fit neatly over the sensor end of the remote control.
Sit back and watch as your kids or better half try to figure out what’s wrong with the remote control.

Deodorant Prank

Empty stick of deodorant
Cream Cheese (chilled)
Remove all the deodorant from the stick and replace with cream cheese.
Mold the deodorant into a dome shape.
Replace cap and store in bathroom