Camila’s Tips To Keep Grapes Fresh + An Easy Treat

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We love eating what's in season and today, Camila is going for the grapes!

Eating fresh seasonal food is our thing — what’s better than eating what naturally grows with the season?

Today, Camila is showing us tips for keeping your grapes fresh and a special treat she loves to make (inspired by the South of France).

Camila’s grape tips you need to know: 

Grapes are just like berries. They need ventilation to stay fresh and they need to stay dry!
To clean them, wash them in some water and white vinegar (don’t worry, they won’t taste like vinegar!)
Store them in the bag they come in, or a container that allows air to flow through.

For a simple treat: Try frozen grapes!! They are a little treat and taste SO good.


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by Camila Alves McConaughey