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Easy DIY Mother’s Day Mug

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These homemade Colorful Mugs are a great DIY project, and one of my go-to gifts! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I stopped by US Weekly to show them just how easy it is to create this unique and easy DIY gift that mom will love!

nail polish diy mugs

Large plastic tub (size of a shoe box or a little larger)
Rubber gloves
Nail polish color (2-4 colors)
2-4 white, inepxpensive porcelain mugs
Acrylic Clear Sealer
Newspaper or paper towel
Nail polish remover
Cotton balls or tissue

Wearing rubber gloves, fill plastic tub with warm water. *You need to work quickly from this point on.

In middle of filled tub, pour about a nickle to quarter-size amount of nail polish in water in slight circular motion.**If using two colors, add second color on top of first color.

Use toothpick to swirl and spread the colors.

Over the nail polish in the tub, dip porcelain mug into water leaving at least one inch from the rim not touching the water or collecting nail polish.

Remove mug from water and let rest on newspaper or paper towel.

Let your mug completely dry and then spray the clear acrylic sealer over the painted design only. Do NOT spray the rim of the mug.

Let mug dry and wash with warm soap water before use.

For best results, hand wash only.

** If you do not like your design, use nail polish remover on a cotton ball or tissue to remove the nail polish.

Idea From Audra Kurtz @ The Kurtz Corner(@audrakurtz)

by Camila Alves McConaughey