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Pinterest-Worthy DIY Easter Headband

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Last week we shared with you guys our Easter Hair Ideas for Little Girls and it got us inspired to make our own DIY Easter-themed headband. After a quick trip to the craft store, it turns out that making your own Pinterest-worthy Easter headband is pretty easy to do! The entire project took an hour from start to finish, and the results were adorable!

All of the supplies for this headband can be purchased from a craft store … We got everything we needed at Michaels, but any craft supply store should carry these supplies.

The Supplies:

A role of 12-gauge artist / craft wire

A plastic headband

A spool of twine

A glue gun

A bush of faux flowers of your choice …. We went with roses, but you can get creative here and use whatever flowers you want.


First, plug in your glue gun so it warms up while you are preparing everything else.

Next, start by cutting two pieces of wire to the correct size …. This depends on how big you want your bunny ears to be. We cut ours in 6-inch pieces, and then bent each one into the correct ear shape. You can always re-shape them after you have covered them in twine.

Next, cut a 24-inch piece of twine and tie it at the top of your wire bunny ear. Start tightly wrapping the twine around the wire. After you have wrapped it a few times, take your glue gun and carefully add 1 inch of glue to the wire. Keep wrapping your twine around the wire and over the glue. Continue until you get to the bottom of the wire. Repeat on the other side / other ear.

Next, start cutting your flowers and glue them along the base of your ears. Make sure that you leave a 1/8 inch of space so that you can attach your ears to the headband. We glued extra faux leaves to the back to hide any traces of glue.

Once your flowers are attached and have dried, place a generous amount of glue to the tips of each of the ears, and place them on your plastic headband. You will have to hold the ears in place for about 20 seconds while the glue dries.

Once your headband is dry, you are done and have a very cute little girls’ Easter headband!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!
Beijos xx

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