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Meet The Woman Who Teaches How To Be #Grateful

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Recently, we asked our Women of Today community on Instagram for some tips for activities to do with kids. We had some amazing responses, but one that stood out to us was an email we received from Vismaya Rubin. Have a look:

For twenty years I taught high school in Miami, now I am working full time on the GRATITUDE Movement I founded. One of the best activities I did with my students was have them keep a GRATITUDE chart. Each month they had to come up with 20 things they were grateful for that were unique to the day.

My students thought I had lost my mind. They whined and mumbled under their breath that they thought this was stupid. Some told me they would lie. After the first few months, their energy shifted. They started leaving me notes on their GRATITUDE charts thanking me for making them do this. By the end of the year, many shared with me how much their perspective of their life changed. They started to see their life in terms of what they had, rather than what they lacked. 

The key was that I was consistent. I always reminded them to keep up with their chart and I shared with them my own experiences of gratitude. I shared how I found (or looked for) the golden nuggets when life was difficult. 

If you look on at my Instagram, you will see some of my former students wearing my #GRATEFUL shirt. 

Not only is Vismaya really on to something when it comes to teaching gratitude to kids (we LOVE her story), she is working hard to start a movement of gratitude across America.

Vismaya encourages an attitude of gratitude for people of all ages, she is also working hard to implement programs so that people can learn how to adopt the daily practice of gratitude.

If you want to learn more about what Vismaya is doing, be sure to visit her website, livinggratitudetoday.com.  And if you are looking for one of her signature #GRATEFUL shirts (she makes others too), she has an Etsy shop where you can purchase them.

With love (and gratitude) xx
Women of Today

by Camila Alves McConaughey