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Our Holiday Tabletop Winner, Marie Garcia

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Marie Garcia won our Women of Today H-E-B giveaway of our holiday table-scape along with a special surprise from H-E-B, a gift card!

Marie is a busy lady, mom of four. Three daughters, Lenora, Lauren, and LeAnne who all have their own families, and her son Marcus who lives with her.

“Winning this WOT prize is like my Christmas present, but for both of us to share”

Marie has been a Women of Today follower of three years. She let us know that she enjoys the positivity and encouragement along with the laughs of our community. Marie also shared with us that she attended one of our movie screenings a couple of years ago.

Marie was kind enough to send some of her photos of the tablescape and a photo of her with her son Marcus and we wanted to share back with our community.

We asked Marie about her intentions for the New Year and she shared with us that she is going to make more time to check-in on her loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Marie is also planning on watching more sunsets and taking walks in the park. Her son, Marcus, loves to swing and shoot hoops. Marie shared with us that she is also planning on writing more in her journal and taking pictures!

Thank you for being part of our community Marie!!

by Camila Alves McConaughey