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Mother’s Day Contest Winner: Adriana And Her Mother In Law

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Last year for Mother’s Day, I announced to you all on Women of Today a contest looking for moms or mother figures who had been an amazing influece, and were in need of some serious Mother’s Day pampering. One of winners who submitted her story to us was Adriana Alves.

Adriana submitted the most beautiful story to Women of Today …

Hello Camila!
I am Adriana Alves, Brazilian just like you. I would like you to consider my mother-in-law for this special day. Her name is Evanilda, she is living with me in Newport Beach, CA since last December, when she came with her husband, my beloved father-in-law, who passed away a week ago.

The last days were very painful for my family. My husband Raphael has two brothers, and since last Friday we all are living together at my home. We are in six people now, because my mother-in-law can’t stand going back to her house. Can you imagine 40 years of marriage, a happy couple who loved each other every single day, and never spent one night far from their other “half”?

She deserves everything in this world. She came from a very poor family, had three beautiful boys, and there were many times they didn’t have a dime to by food. It was a difficult life for her, but she raised her kids with love and respect. She was finally happy when she moved to California 4 months ago. The family was together again, and her sons could afford to take care of their parents. But then it happened.

I confess to you, Camila, he was not my dad, but he treated me like his daughter. If I myself cry, can you imagine this woman? She is trying to be strong, it’s hard, but she’s very brave.

I would like to give her this day at a spa because she deserves that for being the most spectacular woman I’ve ever met. Thank you so much for this kind gift that you are giving away. I don’t have the power that you have, but I always try to help people in need too. You are very special!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Best regards,
Adriana Alves

This was one of the most touching letters, and I was so happy to give Adriana and her mother in law a gift of a Mother’s Day at the spa. Adriana was kind enough to send me some photos of her spa day with Evanilda.



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Beijos xx

by Camila Alves McConaughey