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Nate Berkus Shows Us How To Decorate A Dining Table

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World-famous interior designer Nate Berkus is here today to show us something we never knew we needed: tips on how to decorate a dining table.

When your dining table is in use, it’s the most bustling, exciting, and fun to decorate spot in the house. But when it’s not, why shouldn’t it be just as well adorned? There are so many ways to dress up the surface in a way that suits your home’s style without making it look cluttered.

Here is a look at 3 creative ideas on how to decorate a dining table.

Decorative objects + footed bowl

It’s a look we’re used to seeing on coffee tables but shines just as bright on a dining table as seen here in Nate’s previous Manhattan townhouse. And why not? The low-profile fish candleholders and higher-up footed pottery bowl make for a multi-leveled and textured vignette.

A collection + flowers

In this Chicago dining area decorated by the firm, the table becomes a pedestal for a stunning and varied collection of vases. No need to fill each one with flowers, just choose one to adorn with a few wildflowers to bring some life to the scene. And when it’s time to eat, that’s the one to leave on the table for an instant centerpiece.

Formal flowers + a tray + note cards

If you’re lucky enough to receive an arrangement of flowers or thoughtful enough to gift them to yourself, give them pride of place on the table, but with a twist. Place the vase on a tray, it adds an unexpected touch of texture. Keeping the stack of notecards here, as seen in this Manhattan duplex, is less about form and more about function. Though, staying on top of your thank-yous never goes out of style.

Nate Berkus 


All images and content via NateBerkus.com Top photo by Julie Holder.

Left to right: Bob Coscarelli for Chicago Home + Garden; Jason Schmidt for VOGUE

by Camila Alves McConaughey