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3 Easy DIY Pool Games For The Kids

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Summer is in full-swing and that means that kids are usually spending as much time as they can outside, and especially in the pool. To keep my kids entertained, I like to play these fun pool games with them … They provide hours of entertainment! The best part is that these games are easy to transport, so you can take them with you if you are going on vacation, or hitting someone else’s pool for the day.

Ping Pong Math

Using a permanent marker, draw single digit numbers onto ping pong balls. Make two pool team and throw all of the balls in the pool. Have each team collect as many of the balls as they can. You can decide what math challenge you want to make. It can be the highest score added from the balls wins, or teams need to collect even or odd numbers. Endless math possibilities!

Glow Stick Catch

Glow sticks are easy to find this time of year (you probably already have some at home!). You can have fun at night trying to catch these glow-in the-dark toys while in the pool.

Invisible Water Bottle

Fill up a plain plastic water bottle with water and remove the label. Place the cap on top and toss it into the pool. The kids (and adults) will have fun trying to find the bottle on the bottom of the pool.

Enjoy! Beijos xx


by Camila Alves McConaughey