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Rachel is sharing with you below the power of using spices, and why you are going to want to start incorporating spice into your everyday life.

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Spices have never been hotter—and I’m not talking about that burning sensation you get from crushed red pepper flakes. People everywhere are spicing up their dishes, drinks, and even desserts, not only to add flavor but to boost their nutritional values. Suddenly exotic spices like turmeric, which used to get little attention outside of Indian cuisine, are appearing in American breakfasts.

And I say bring ’em on! As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I can tell you that the most effective eating plans are those that taste great. Spices transform healthy dishes from bland to in demand—a simple bean salad can take on a rainbow of personalities depending on the spices used. But there’s so much more.

Spices pack amazing medicinal properties. Our ancestors developed spicy remedies for all sorts of ailments. And today we’re still discovering new benefits. As I’ve learned through my years of research, spices add “daily power” to our lives by promoting health and decreasing the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. Spices and herbs are the easiest, tastiest, and most affordable way to boost your health every day.

In 2013, an article from the American Institute for Cancer Research discussed how just a pinch of any spice could deliver antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cancer-fighting benefits. In just the past five years, more than 1,900 studies have been conducted on turmeric; 1,600 on cayenne; 1,400 on garlic; 800 on clove; 750 on cinnamon . . . and the list goes on! These studies reveal that the spices we take for granted are really super-concentrated sources of phytonutrients (a.k.a. natural plant compounds) with a wealth of health benefits. For instance, did you know that cloves have the highest antioxidant concentration of all foods? Here’s another one: While you know that broccoli is good for you, I bet you didn’t know that flavoring it with garlic powder can boost the meal’s anticancer properties, and sprinkling on some cumin and cayenne may help your body burn fat.

Then there’s my favorite discovery, which I call “spice synergy.” When used together, certain spices boost each other’s powerful nutritional effects. For example, cacao (the basis of chocolate) helps your body absorb more of the anti-inflammatory nutrients from turmeric, so using these two spices in combination yields the most potent effect.

All this research and experimenting with spice combos inspired me to up my family’s spice game. Last year I launched my own brand of spice blends called Rachel Beller’s Power Pantry (and no, you don’t need to buy them—in this book I’ll show you how to make your own combos at home), and I now keep them on my dining table alongside the salt and pepper. I’m thrilled to watch my family of finicky eaters use spices regularly.

Now it’s your turn.

This book unlocks the potent power of spices (which come from plant roots, bark, or seeds), herbs (which come from plant leaves), and blends. I’ve combed through the science for you to reveal the jaw-dropping health benefits, and included shopping tips and easy recipes to make spices part of your daily routine. By the end of this book—or even just a few chapters—I hope you’ll start introducing these habits into your daily routine:

Power up.
I’ve seen so many friends and patients spend way too much money on the latest and greatest superfood, only to find a half-used package in the back of their pantry a year later. Spicing isn’t a trend; it’s a great habit to form. With just a pinch, you can dramatically double—or triple!—the nutritional power of your dishes, even after they’re cooked. You can and should add spices to everything, whether you’re cooking or dining out (that’s why I bring spice blends with me to restaurants, and I hope you will, too).

Go for variety and combos.
Some say variety is the spice of life, and I’ll add that a variety of spices makes life even better! While spicing consistently is key, don’t hold back: try out my DIY spice combinations on page 51, or experiment on your own.

Cook more.
To some, packaged foods taste better than homemade. But most manufactured, packaged meals fill you with too much bad stuff and not nearly enough good. The spice-intensive recipes in this book, however, are designed and tested to be nutritious, delicious, and easy. Even my non-cooking brother now prepares them on a regular basis! If you include at least two beverages and five meals from this book in your weekly meal rotation, you’ll experience a big difference in how you feel— for now and for life.

Above all, I hope Power Spicing will forever change the way you think about spices. By adding them to your daily routine, you’ll transform your kitchen pantry into a tiny pharmacy and convert your dining room into the world’s tastiest health club. So don’t hold back: Spice up your dishes (and your health) with just a pinch!

Happy Spicing!

— Rachel Beller

Text reprinted with permission from Rachel Beller 

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Nutrition isn’t just a career for me, it’s personal — As a teenager, I struggled with weight issues, and can still relate with anyone going through the same thing. Twenty years ago, I lost my father to pancreatic cancer. From that moment, I resolved to transform my pain into possibilities and promise for other patients and their families. Today I specialize in helping people lose weight with an emphasis on cancer prevention* I became a weight loss and oncology nutritionist, earning my B.A. from UCLA, and my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) degree and Masters in Nutritional Science from California State University Los Angeles. I also conducted extensive research in the role of nutrition in cancer prevention at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. I then served as Director of Nutritional Oncology Research and Counseling for a decade at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, and was the co-principal investigator in the national Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study. Along the way, I received awards for research, recruitment, and lectureship, while learning about the undeniable link between body weight, eating habits, and certain cancers.

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