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Work Life: Business Podcasts We Love By Women, For Women

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Who doesn’t need a little career inspiration and advice from time to time? Today, the team here at Women of Today have put together a list of their favorite #worklife podcasts to listen to.

Let’s face it, the hustle is real these days — Especially for those who are running their own business (or working towards it!). Whether you could use some guidance, are stuck in a negative situation at work, looking to turn your true passion into a viable business, or questioning if you’ve got what it takes to become an entrepreneur …. Have a listen to these amazing  podcasts we love!  These women who are sharing their stories are all successful in their own right, and give great advice on how to get ahead. What’s even better? You can tune in from literally anywhere! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Biz Chix 

Host Natalie Eckdahl, MBA and coach to high-performing women, engages in informative conversations with business leaders on topics ranging from why we create our own glass ceiling to how to grow a micro-niche, to lessons in love and entrepreneurship, and more.  Married with three children ages 4-16, Natalie is also an expert in outsourcing at home and at work.  Natalie helps women entrepreneurs own their role as CEO through her business trainings, on air coaching calls and expert interviews. Learn how to master your mindset, grow as a leader, refine your strategies, build your team and gain visibility in your industry. Learn more here.

The Influencer with Julie Solomon 

Julie is a successful brand strategist, digital marketing expert, and influencer marketing educator who is truly on the pulse of today’s world of technology and content. Her podcast explores the secrets behind the ever-changing trends of influencer marketing. Go behind the scenes with successful influencers, bloggers, and industry elites featured on her podcast to gain insight into how they grow their unique influence. Listen here.

Raising the Bar with Alli Webb (and her brother, Michael!)

This is a podcast for entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to know about business, or how to have a life while having a business. Drybar founders Alli Webb and Michael Landau speak to budding and successful business owners whose ideas they love. Alli started their business Drybar by driving herself around to homes in Los Angeles to give blow-outs to clients, but then their business took off. Now, Drybar has over a hundred stores across the country. Alli and Michael share what it takes to risk everything on a great idea. Find out more here!

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

Find out the secrets from the most successful women in the world!  Each week designer Rebecca Minkoff talks to women from all walks of life, from CEOs to artists, and shows you what the day-to-day is really like without the pretty filters.  Learn about how loss can make you stronger, and other ways to make your inner superwoman shine. Here’s the link to listen!

Work Party with Jaclyn Johnson

WorkParty™ is a movement for a new generation of women who are redefining the meaning of work on their own terms. This one is for women who want it all and more, and guess what? They can have it. Featured guests include Rachael Zoe, Barbara Corcoran, Sara Blakely, and many, many more. So “Work Hard and Party On,” as Jaclyn says, and have a listen here!

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