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Your Hair Q&A with Adir Abergel: Growing Out Bangs, Bouncy Curls + Curling Irons

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You asked, and now our incredibly talented Director of Style Adir Abergel is answering! You submitted to us some of your best hair styling questions (and they were good!) … Today Adir is tackling three of them.

Adir is giving his best tips for dealing with growing out bangs, adding more bounce to your curls, and how to use the curling iron (or how to skip the heating tool altogether!).  Be sure to watch the videos below for solutions from our ultimate hair guru.  Get ready for many more good hair days ahead!

Question 1: My bangs are growing out and I don’t like them. What can I do now? 

Pro Tip: Have your hairdresser take some weight out of them …they’re more malleable that way! 

Question 2: How do I get my curls even and bouncy?

Pro Tip: Lightweight gel + mousse then diffuse your hair … And don’t touch the curls! 

Pro Tip: For the curly hair girls, when you get out of the shower, don’t use a towel on your hair! Use paper towels instead. 

Question 3: What size curling iron do I need if I want the perfect undone Adir Abergel beachy waves? 

Pro Tip: If you want to skip the curling iron altogether, watch this! 

Thanks to all of you who shared your frustrations so that we can help you to feel your best.

To see more of Adir’s amazing work, check out his Instagram.

Beijos xx
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