A Taste of Venice Edition

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Ready for a taste of Venice, Italy right from home?

Venice is quite arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the the world and a desirable destination for summer travel. So today, we are transporting you to the floating city with some of our favorite Venetian inspired recipes!

Italian Spritz Venziano: This classic spritz cocktail is a refreshing aperitif that will transport you to a cafe chair overlooking a piazza. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Dolce Stil Novo by Oliviero Fiato: Introducing this refreshing cocktail that just tastes like northern Italy. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Venetian Cicchetti: If you haven’t heard of Cicchetti (pronounced chuh·keh·tee) let us introduce you to what might become your new easy-to-make picky. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Paccheri Pasta with Rosemary and Tomato Ragu: Padua is located 30 miles west of Venice and we had this pasta dish while we were enjoying the beauty of Piazza della Frutta and dining at Osteria al Peronio. It is truly a memorable one! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Sweet and Savory Chicken Venezia: This sweet and savory combination makes a sauce that accompanies this chicken perfectly and is bursting with flavor. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Braised Pasta with Tomatoes and Spring Onions: What makes this recipe special is the unusual method of cooking pasta. It is similar to the way the liquid is added when making a risotto, and works beautifully with small shapes like penne or orecchiette. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Cod and Fresh Tomato Pasta: Craving pasta? Why not keep it healthy and try our Cod and Fresh Tomato Pasta recipe. It contains no added sugar and is full of lean protein. GET THE RECIPE HERE

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by Camila Alves McConaughey