Camila McConaughey HEB Family Meal


Camila’s 30 Minute Family Dinner

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Today Camila shows us how to make a feast in 30 minutes without breaking a sweat!

This recipe is actually inspired by Camila’s Mother-In-Law who once made a lasagna feast… Everyone LOVED it and praised her for the amazing meal. But when her husband went to take the trash out, he found the takeout container! The point is, you don’t always need to make your own meal to have it be delicious (and healthy)!

This recipe uses all foods that you can get at your local H-E-B store and it only takes 30 minutes to prepare! The best part is that you can plate and heat this meal and it looks gourmet and homemade…. Nobody will know the difference.

Camila's 30 Minute Family Dinner


  • 1 H-E-B Natural Rotisserie Chicken
  • 1 Meal Simple Package of Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
  • 1 Meal Simple Package of Garlic Parmesan Green Beans
  • 1 Meal Simple Package of Rice
  • 1 Meal Simple Package of Mexican Grilled Corn
  • 1 Meal Simple Package of Kale Salad
  • 2 Packages of H-E-B Vegetable Medley


  • Preheat the oven to 375 Degrees
  • Blanch the packages of vegetable medley for a few minutes, keeping the vegetables firm.
  • Place the chicken in the center of large cast iron skillet or roasting pan and place the blanched vegetable around the chicken. Drizzle a little olive oil over the vegetables and season to taste.
  • Place the bacon wrapped asparagus on the bottom of a shallow oven safe baking dish.
  • Place the chicken with the vegetables along with the bacon wrapped asparagus and heat for 30 minutes in the oven.
  • Place the rice in an oven safe or microwave safe dish to heat.   
  • For the corn, use a grill pan to heat the corn and get the grill marks.
  • Place the Kale Salad in a serving bowl.
  • When the hot ingredients are at temperature. Remove from oven and enjoy your family feast!
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This article is sponsored by H-E-B. 

by Camila Alves McConaughey