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Easter Floral Arrangement

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This is fun home decor project that is perfect for Easter! It is easy to do, and will get your home looking nice and festive.

Easter Asparagus Vases

1 6” short round vase
2 bunches of asparagus (bottoms trimmed)
One large rubber band
Yellow ribbon
Three large bunches of your favorite yellow flowers1. Place rubber band on the outside of the vase.
Add each piece of asparagus between the rubber band and the vase, work your way around the vase.
2. Arrange flowers in the center of the vase, depending on the flowers you selected, you might need to trim the bottoms so the flower buds are sitting just above the asparagus stalks.
3. Tie a yellow ribbon over the rubber band and make a bow

*If you have extra you can use a small glass and make a second arrangement. Also,
carefully pick-up arrangement using both hands to place on your table or buffet as the asparagus stalks can move.

Beijos xx

by Camila Alves McConaughey