Thanksgiving Planning Guide

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We are on the countdown to Thanksgiving! We know that our traditional Thanksgiving might look a bit different than years past, but no matter how many around your table, I think we can all agree we have a lot to be thankful for!

We have put together a planning guide to help you with both recipe ideas and some tips along the way and check in often as we will have new posts all month long!

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First week of November: The Turkey

Since our Thanksgiving holiday is going to look a little different this year from last and most of us will be having fewer people over, smaller turkey sizes are going to be in high demand.

For example, if your family is going to be a total of (8) people, a 12lb. turkey is the size you would be looking for.

Order your turkey if you are buying fresh or if you have room in your freezer and buying a frozen turkey, this is the time to pick it up.

Week before Thanksgiving:

Shop for most of your items that you need for the holiday.

All your root vegetables, stuffing fixings and any boxed or canned items that you need can be purchased so you know you have them on hand.


Depending on your table-scape theme this year, it is always good to check to make sure you have any of the essentials in the house or plan to pick them up this week. If you plan on using candles, check to make sure you have them on hand.

Serving pieces/china/silver/tablecloth/napkins

If you are planning for a dressier table and are going to use special pieces that need special care, this is the week to plan on getting the pieces ready. Polish the silver if needed and if you have special glasses/crystal that you have not used in a while, this is the time to give them a fresh wash to remove any dust or film that develops.

If you are going to bring out the linens this is also a great week bring them out and iron if needed. Set everything aside and it will be ready to go for next week!


If you need fresher greens for a salad and if you ordered a turkey, this is a good day to pickup the balance of your ingredients.


If you are planning on serving a soup. This is a great day to make your soup. Soup likes to sit in the fridge and the flavors have a nice amount of time to meld together to make your Thanksgiving soup the perfect starter to your meal.


Take a look at your menu and if you are making any dishes that can be made or prepped ahead of time this is a good day to try and get as much in as you can, including cleaning your turkey so it is prepped and ready to go on Thanksgiving.

Wednesday Night–This is a great time to get the table ready. If you do need to bring out a leaf, set up your table and get any extra chairs you might need set around the table. The linens you have ready and go on the table along with the glasses and flatware. Setting your table on Wednesday night makes starts bringing the holiday into focus and can be a fun for the whole family. With a little extra time and not stressed on time, you might even find you have time to get a little more creative!

Also, be sure to check out and download our Ultimate Thanksgiving Preparation Checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!

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