Thanksgiving Checklist


Your Thanksgiving Menu Planner

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Prepping and planning for Thanksgiving can be a hard and intricate process!

Let’s be honest, we have ALL forgotten to make something for a big holiday meal before. With so many moving parts all needing coordination, it’s almost impossible to remember everything.

Today we wanted to share with you how we do our menu checklist — and offer you a downloadable version so you can fill yours out as well! From drinks to sides to dessert, this little cheat sheet is a very easy way to wrap your head around your menu.

Use this template below as your guide to making sure that you are making everything you need for a classic Thanksgiving feast.

Click here to download!

Now, if you are unsure of what to make, we have a TON of Thanksgiving ideas for your menu that you can check out here.

And in case you missed it, we already offered up some great tips on how to time, prep and plan for a seamless Thanksgiving meal with our Thanksgiving Timing Guide and our tips for setting up your bar cart with our Thanksgiving Planning: Bar Essentials.


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by Camila Alves McConaughey