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Gooey Strawberry Honey Jam

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Can we all agree that jam is so good?!

I love to serve jam all the time in my house on toast, or with yogurt. But, unfortunately many jams (especially store-bought varieties) are often filled with unnecessary refined sugars and preservatives. This recipe for homemade Gooey Strawberry Honey Jam is just TWO ingredients, and is sweetened naturally with wild honey. It’s not hard to make and I promise you will love it.

Gooey Strawberry Honey Jam

1lb package of Organic Strawberries diced
½ cup of wild local Honey
In a saucepan cook the strawberries over medium heat until thickened like jam stirring often.
Add honey and continue to cook for 5-7 mins to reduce slightly. Let cool.
Serve over plain Greek yogurt or eat like jam on toast etc…
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Enjoy! Beijos xx


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