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Holiday Hair How-To With Adir Abergel

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In need of some hair inspiration this holiday season? Our Director of Style Adir Abergel has got you covered with his top 5 go-to ways to style gorgeous red carpet-worthy hair. The best part? These are all styles you can easily do at home yourself.

Embracing Natural Texture

Winter conditions can set your healthy hair journey back by causing hair to be brittle and dry. Keep extra stress and heat off of your hair by learning to embrace and enhance your natural texture. Air drying may not be ideal if you live in a colder climate but try a diffuser! A diffuser is a curl enhancing tool that may be attached to your blowdryer to create diffused airflow that helps to dry your waves and curls gently. This diffused airflow prevents hair from frizzing, and the prongs designed into most diffusers encourage curl pattern definition and weightless bounce. To get the most out of this technique, apply the correct products for your hair type. My favorites are Virtue Lab’s Unfrizz Cream for frizz control, and Virtue Lab’s Moisture Defining Whip for lightweight texture definition.

Modern Take on a Vintage Classic

If you’re feeling fancy this holiday, try this modern version of a classic vintage updo; the Beehive. This hairstyle can be done on any length hair and anyone with straight to wavy hair or curly hair that has been styled smoother. To recreate this look, start by applying Virtue Lab’s Volume Mousse at the roots all over and blow-dry, while over directing upward. Blow-dry with your head flipped upside down for max volume. Once your hair is dry, backcomb/tease at the root through the crown area. Be sure to really pack the roots in while backcombing so you don’t lose your volume when going to the next step. Next, take a soft brush and start to smooth and control the backcombed section down to a height level of your preference. Spray a lightweight texture spray throughout (Virtue Lab’s Texture Spray) and pull the hair back into a French twist, bun, or even a simple ponytail would work beautifully!

Hair by Adir Abergel


No time to switch your look from the day, to the holiday party? Use accessories to instantly create a different look. Play around with placement, make it fun and interesting! Hair accessories dress up a look and add dimension. Sometimes they can feel like just a hint of jewelry.   You can experiment with high and low for hair accessories.  I love going to a fabric store and exploring the many textures and then sewing a fabric into a look to create more dimension as well as add texture and shine.  Recently I created a soft and delicate and romantic look for Saoirse Ronan for the Governors Ball. It was a double braid along the hairline that was pulled into a low slung ponytail. To accent the look, I used a gold thread that I actually found at a fabric store in London and intertwined into the braid. I loved the way the gold thread mimic Saoirse Hair texture.

Sleek Twisted Bun

This look is great for taming those long gorgeous locks plus add an interesting detail to your average sleek bun. Simply use any strong hold gel, apply all over, section by section if you have a lot of hair. Twist the entire length of your hair down as tight as you can and pin-up into any swirly design with bobby pins. You may need to pin in place as you work to create your design so that you have more control over the shape. Finish with a mist of Virtue Lab’s Finale Shaping Spray to lock it in.

Hair by Adir Abergel

Swept Back, Above the Shoulder hair (this one is Adir’s work/image)

Just because you have short hair, doesn’t mean your options are limited! Try switching the shape of your bob or pixie cut up but brushing it back. For a wet-look use a hard hold gel, for a softer finish try a pomade in combination with hair spray. On any texture, simply use your hands to brush your hair back away from your hair. Create the parting and brushed back shape look using only your hand for the most natural-looking, “cool girl” effect. *ProTip: Before you apply any product…if you have a strong cowlick along your hairline that’s hard to control, you may need to wet it down with water and blow-dry that section of hair back in the direction you want it to go.


Enjoy, and happy holidays!

by Camila Alves McConaughey